Peter Mösenthin

I am codedrift

Founder of Einsen und Nullen.
Software engineer at sipgate.

About me

I am a fullstack engineer with a passion for quality software products. Developing and using lots of software for over 10 years has taught me that there is so much left to do. Working at an industry leading agile company like sipgate made me realize that established work models need to change and the time has come for a more inclusive and learning oriented culture.

Besides playing guitar, mountainbiking and gaming i enjoy trying new things all the time. It opens up new perspectives and allows me to combine that knowledge with software.

My Experience


2015 - present

At sipgate i had (and still have!) a great opportunity to work on many exciting things including cloud based applications, fraud detection, employer branding, developer recruiting, community events, conference talks and much more.

  • - The AI-enhanced call experience
  • - Better calls through teamwork
  • sipgate team - Cloud Telephony Service powering millions of hours of service to over a million customers.
  • Bachelor Thesis - Implemented fraud protection mechanisms as part of my bachelor thesis
  • Conference talks - e.g. at re;publica and ct'webdev. See below for more info
  • Employer branding - Working together with the recruitment team to create various campaigns
  • Engineering on tap - Community event for software developers in sipgate's own bar!

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

2012 — 2016

This is where i aqcuired my Bachelors Degree in Media Communication and Computer Science. It was a great place to work on cutting edge technology such as Machine Learning, Virtual Reality while learning state of the art project management techics and sooo much more!

  • Thesis - Implemented fraud protection mechanisms at sipgate GmbH in Düsseldorf. Full title: “Konzeption und Entwicklung eines Systems zur Risiko- und Betrugsanalyse mit Fokus auf Benutzbarkeit und Zugänglichkeit bei der Firma sipgate GmbH in Düsseldorf”
  • Raspberry Life - Semester project. Home automation using RaspberryPi and custom made sensors for an affordable setup.


Whenever possible i like to speak at conferences about how work can be different from what most of us know and how it can impact software development.

  • Creating a safe to fail environment – How to become a better software engineer (Part 2) by breaking things
    @ct'webdev 2020
  • How to become a better software engineer by doing nothing (Lightning talk)
  • How to become a better software engineer by doing nothing (Short talk)
    @re;publica 2019
  • How to become a better software engineer by doing nothing
    @ct'webdev 2019


Got any projects you like to talk about? Found some code on my GitHub that interests you? Send me an e-mail and surely we can talk about it!