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Playlist Companion

Do you have a few big messy playlists on spotify? This app helps you get the most out of them! Playlist Companion gives you the ability to gain insight into your Spotify playlists and create new ones based on different sortings and filters. Group songs by decade? No problem. Find the most popular songs? Got […]

TALK TO ME – Interactive Art

A website that truely understands what you want. Speech recognition is widely used today and most browsers support it out of the box. Most homes have smart assistants to interact with. So why should art be static? Just let this website listen to you show you what you want. The web-app was created using Typescript […]


Match Philips Hue to Spotify album covers. Enlighten every Party! Album covers have always been a big part of music. From vinyl through Cassette tapes to modern streamig services. Images are always at the front. Matching your lights with the colors of the album brings a new level of immersion to music. Colorful lights will […]


Sensor your life with RaspberryLife open source home automation RaspberryLife is an open source project to make home automation accessible for everyone. It provides implementations for client devices, server and hardware components. Workgroup of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. The Server was created using SpringBoot running on a RaspberryPi. The web-app is built using […]

The Soundboard

It is a board with buttons on it and it plays sounds when you press them! Complete with playqueue, user preferences, search, stats and something that you might call an API but probably shouldn’t. The app was created in MeteorJS.

Falldown – RAG Edition

This is a multi-column version of the more or less known game Falldown The Game is designed to run at the Kamp-Lintfort leuchtet exhibition on a 9×14 grid. The grid is part of a house front of the old RAG switchgear building in Kamp-Lintfort. The game was created using Java.


He is a boy and he is pure dynamite Semester Project of a workgroup of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf 2012. The game is entirely written in java… and still runs! Java 14 approved. The sources are on GitHub. Feel free to check it out.  View on GitHub


A neat customizable alarm app that allows you to use your own songs It is the last alarm app you would ever need. The project is waiting for a big rewrite though. The app was created in Java.